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Custom-Fit Performance Cat-Back Exhaust Systems for Bronco II


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    • Looking for a performance exhaust system for your 1984 to 1990 Bronco II?
    • Unfortunately, there is no offering from the performance exhaust system manufacturers, for a specific system for the Bronco II.  Even a short box Ranger or Explorer Dynomax® system won't fit.
    • Bronco II owners have had to settle for an expensive stock system from an auto parts store, a cobbled together homemade system, or an expensive exhaust shop system that is not mandrel bent.
    • We've come up with an exact-fit custom kit utilizing Dynomax® componenets, and modifying them to fit the Bronco II.

    • Kit includes everything you need including the famous Dynomax® Super Turbo Muffler, Custom Dynomax® Tail Pipe with 409 stainless steel tip, Custom Dual Intermediate Hanger for Bronco II, All clamps, and step-by-step installation instructions with color photos ....................



    • Why won't a Ranger or Explorer Dynomax® kit fit the Bronco II?

    The tail pipe is too long and doesn't have the correct bend over the rear axle to clear the Bronco II frame, fuel tank, swaybar, and shock.


    • Why did we choose Dynomax® components to use in our kit?

    The muffler and tail pipe size is matched to any Ford engine offered in the Bronco II, along with Dynomax legendary quality and sound


    • What did we modify?

    First we modified the inlet to the muffler allowing it to slide over the pipe just behind the converters.

    Then we modified the tail pipe by removing a couple of sections out of the pipe, and then re-welding in one of those sections so it makes the appropriate bend over the rear axle, and ends up in the appropriate location behind the wheel. It's all about angles and how the tailpipe looks once installed

    • Dynomax® tail pipes are mandrel bent, what effect does the modification have on the performance?

    We did not reduce the pipe size, and the two seams from cutting and welding have little effect on performance and is probably immeasurable.

    • How does it sound and perform?

    It sounds great having a nice mellow sound, plus we noticed an immediate performance gain in the butt dyno, throttle response, and fuel mileage gain*.

    Tell me about Overdrive...

    A better breathing engine doesn't have to work as hard, and it stays in Overdrive rather than downshifting.......there is one incline on my way home that the truck would always come out of Overdrive before installing this system, now it just pulls right up without sweat.

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Bronco II Performance Exhaust System Details:

  • The kit fits like a glove, and has good clearance around the system even when installing it. It will have a factory appearance when installed.  I have had people say it looks factory when looking at mine.
  • The tail pipe has a 409 stainless steel tip which exits in the stock location behind the passenger rear wheel.
  • Benefits include better exhaust flow for increased power and a nice mellow sound.
  • I developed this kit because I was tired of poor performance & sound, and unable to locate someone producing a system that actually fits, works, and doesn't rust out like many mild steel stock and exhaust shop system kits. The kit ensures correct installation, operation, and offers a long service life with its aluminized construction.
  • Engineered with the following kept in mind:
    •  • It must appear factory, like it was designed to be there
       • It must have a low or no impact on the vehicle
       • It must consist of top-quality components for a long service life 
  • The kit utilizes Dynomax® exhaust system components enhanced exclusively for Bronco II.  Everything you need comes with the kit so it bolts right in and works. The kit includes a DynoMax Super Turbo Muffler, Custom modified Dynomax Tailpipe exclusively for Bronco II, custom intermediate dual hanger for the Bronco II, and all clamps. Fits like a glove, looks great with the 409 stainless tip, and it sounds great without being obnoxious. This is a No-hassle drop-in kit using simple hand tools.trouble-free installation with NO guesswork, fabrication, or backyard engineering required.

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*Your mileage may vary

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